Argeo Technical Services is situated  at 97 General Albert street, Alberton, South Africa. Ronald and Gail established Argeo Technical Services in 2002 with a small idea which they made a reality. The idea they had was to start a company that can supply the corporate industry as well as the home users with either Original toner cartridges, Compatible toner cartridges or there brand of re-manufactured toner cartridges. Through the years of experience we managed to put together the best re-manufactured team that will exceed anybodies expectations, because Argeo Technical Services believes that the client only deserves the best quality and price. All our re-manufactured toner cartridges are tested extensively to make sure that the product that is sold passes the quality standards. Our Clearprint products carries a guarantee, to ensure that our clients received the best product available. Further more Argeo Technical Services become an accredited resellers in 2006 for the following brands: Lexmark. Canon, HP Argeo Technical Services also add a printer repairs division in 2005 to assist the clients with any necessary assistance they might need with there printers that might need to be maintained. We offer an on-site assistance for the printer maintaining.     Created by -  Keydesigns