OEM Toner Cartridges We are an accredited reseller of the following products: We are an accredited reseller of HP, Lexmark and canon products. Our products are original products supplied through and Authorised distributor  to the relevant dealers. All our Original toners comes with a guarantee which the the manufactures carry. We also supply our clients the service of delivering the same day they placed the order at no extra cost. Clearprint Compatible Toner Cartridges Argeo Technical Service’s Clearprint products are backed by 15 years experience in all makes and models of laser toner cartridges with highly trained staff and fully qualified printer technicians. Clearprint toner cartridges are assembled with imported toner cartridge casings and imported materials. The Clearprint toner cartridges are also assembled with the highest standards and all toner cartridges are tested prior to packaging and performance and quality is benchmarked against the original OEM toner cartridges. Once the toner cartridge has passed a series of test, then and only then will it be packaged to be sold. Every Clearprint toner cartridge is backed by a limited life time warranty. We will replace any defective toner cartridge at our own cost, upon assesing the faulty toner cartridge. Should your printer be damage by one of the Clearprint toner cartridges we will gladly send one of our qualified technicians on-site to repair the unit at our cost. We supply the following brands of compatible toner cartridges: HP, Lexmark, Brother, Canon, Samsung We would like to add the following quote as per HP in 2006 Recycler publishing and events limited: “For HP printer product, the use of a non HP cartridge or a compatible toner cartridge does not affect either the warranty to the customer or any HP support contract with the customer.”   Empty Toner Cartridges Why should you sell your empty cartridges? In South Africa, only 20% of empty toner cartridges are recycled and 80% ending up in the landfills. With millions of cartridges been thrown away every year, the impact on the environment are devastating as some toner cartridges can take up 450 years to decompose. The empty toner cartridges purchased from you gets re-manufactured and re-distributed. This way we keep the environment clean and green. Start helping us to save the environment. We supply the following brands consumables and toners:                  Lexmark, Samsung, HP, Brother, Canon, Oki  Created by -  Keydesigns